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Curriculum and Evaluation


Our curriculum responds to CBSE directions of continues and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) and also students’ need in terms of development of their whole personality. RIS follow strong concept of internal evaluation that is magnificent and highly result oriented for students. Necessary inputs are provided throughout the year for both scholastic and co scholastic aspects. These aspects are being tested through projects, assignments as part of summative and formative assessment. Main objective is to ensure better understanding and learning by practical work and experience. The significance, dependability and validity of evaluation procedure determine the quality of feedback that has to be derived for ensuring qualitative development of students.

With aforesaid focus in mind RIS has developed its evaluation system that has following principles:

  • Assessment is done in mutual guts.
  • Participation of both teacher and student in assessment process is transparent.
  • Keen observations are done to evaluate the smallest developmental aspect of students.
  • Lessen the dread of external examination from the mind of students.
  • Minimized inter student comparison.
  • Comprehensive assessment to take a holistic view of students’ progress covering scholastic, co scholastic and personality aspects.
  • Result of the evaluation is communicated in a positive manner to encourage students to face the process readily rather than taking it as forced torment.



Std- I & II
There are 8 cycles of assessment throughout year divided into two terms comprising 4 cycles in each term.  One cycle contains syllabus covered in a particular month and other co-scholastic areas.  There are formal and informal methods of assessment in a cycle viz worksheets, written tests, orals, projects individual & group activities.

Std – III to VII
As per CCE scheme proposed by CBSE.  There are two terms in a year i.e. April-September & October- March.  Each term has two FAs (Formative Assessment) and one SA (Summative Assessment).  Under each FAs there were written test as well as activities.  Their weightage is as below:

Term Type of Assessment % of weightage in session Term wise Weightage Total



Formative Assessment 1 10 Formative Assessment 1+2= 20

Formative Assessment

1+2+3+4= 40

Summative Assessment

1+2= 60

Total= 100

Formative Assessment 2 10
Summative Assessment 1 30 Summative Assessment 1 = 30


Formative Assessment 3 10 Formative Assessment 3+4= 20
Formative Assessment 4 10
Summative Assessment 2 30 Summative Assessment 2= 30

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